creation, production and decoration

We can prepare representative products from the idea. We can also offer already manufactured products and adapt them to the customer.

* business presentation gifts
* products for restaurants
* household products
* gifts for personal celebrations
*albums and memoirs
* souvenirs
* textiles for business and personal
*products for trade partnership


Production of a new products

patience and experience

We produce products according to the individual wishes of the customer. This process requires patience. In order to achieve the ratio of quality, practicality and beauty, various experiments are performed on the developed product. Our creative team will not only prepare the structure of the product, but also apply the decoration style and author’s drawings.

Product decoration

You save so much precious time

We can customize products for business according to the desired style. This includes both color and corporate style requirements. Products can be interwoven with modernity and author’s drawings. A business gift not only represents the customer, but is also beautiful.

Our goal – the gift must be practical and creative.

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